Even more Japanese whisky

Japanese whisky

We now have over 62 types of Japanese whisky! Many of which are rare and hardly seen in Australia. Come and try our Yamazaki 2014 limited edition whisky, from the award winning Mars distillery. Or a super rare Kirin Fujisanroku 18 yo single malt, or perhaps a Taketsuru 21 yo whisky. The full menu can be seen in the restaurant.

Signature dish

Signature dish Fujiyama snickers
This weeks’s signature dish is Fujiyama snickers. It’s actually a mainstay of the dessert menu and is a classic Kenji dessert – sweet combined with an unusual hint of savoury, in this case, deep fried basil.


After one year of operation, numerous reviews and the occasional TV segment, Izakaya Fujiyama was awarded, Best Casual Diner, in Sydney for 2012.



Since the opening of the restaurant in 2011, there have been minimal changes to the decor. A new coat of paint here and there, but nothing as substantial or as striking as this – a second wall of sake! The subtle lighting creates some atmosphere and the new central hanging banners serve to divide the room. It’s all a bit more cozy now.

Food specials

Our specials change weekly, or sometimes even daily, depending on availability of fresh produce. The menu, hand written by Kenji Maenaka, presents one-off dishes, favourites and alternate dishes that make the most of available fresh ingredients.